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About the artist

I was raised on the east end of Long Island in East Hampton, NY.  I attended Cornell University where I studied English literature as well as painting and sculpture, and my artwork has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions - most recently at Chase Edwards Contemporary at both their Palm Beach, FL and Bridgehampton, NY locations, the amArtHouse gallery in Bantam, CT, the Leiber Museum in East Hampton, and The Lucore Art gallery in Montauk, NY.  I have also been represented in major art fairs in the United States, ranging from the Hamptons Fine Art Fair in Southampton to prestigious shows in San Francisco, Palm Beach, Manhattan, and Boston.  In addition, I have received corporate commissions from such places as Richemont North America in NYC, the Grey Matters design group in Singapore, and my paintings and sculptures are in many corporate spaces and private collections. 


I have also worked extensively on projects with interior design firms ranging from onsite murals in Harbour Island, Bahamas to artworks at the Dream Hotel in Manhattan.  After living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for many years, I am now back in East Hampton where I live and create artwork full time.

Artistic statement

“The Eye of the Storm”

The hidden geometry of nature has been an ongoing source of inspiration for my work, most notably in the form of the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Sequence. With this new series of paintings and sculptures I have combined my interpretation of this geometry with my overall philosophy of art.

I believe that art should be, directly or indirectly, about the triumph of beauty and the human spirit. My ultimate goal as an artist is to create artworks that bring beauty into the world.

As I see it, creating art is a metaphor for how to approach living one's life, both physically and conceptually. I always like to seek out and discover how things are connected, and while I am continually inspired by the geometry of nature, I am going deeper into how it not only connects humanity to the natural world, but how it connects us to each other.

This geometry is integral to who we are, all of us, and how we understand the functioning of the world. It speaks to something elemental and primal that is undeniable once you know how to look for it and how to find it.

Recently, someone asked me what I think about when I’m painting or sculpting. My answer was immediate, and I said “Life and death”. Because for me, even though I strive to create artworks that will hopefully bring joy and inspiration to others, they are grounded in the ever-present duality of the life struggle that all living things on this planet face. Creating something beautiful is a counterpoint to the potential tragedies in life, and I want to inspire others to feel the same way.

This is “The Eye of the Storm”. One of the greatest examples of geometry in nature is the shape of a storm - when seen from above, it is a Fibonacci spiral. The eye of a storm is its center, and the energy of the storm revolves around it. The “eye" is also a place of relative tranquility. In life, we often experience storms, both figurative and literal, and we all need to find a way to get beyond them. These artworks are about centering oneself, finding clarity, and choosing a path through whatever challenges we may face in life. Sometimes we seek an answer outside of ourselves, and sometimes we have to find it within. There are times when we need to search for inspiration, and there are times when we need to create it.

My artworks are a refuge - a place of serenity and strength, and I think of each artwork as the eye of the storm. But we're not just looking at it, we're looking into it, through it, and finding safe passage.

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